Ever seen a child in a corner
You’d think he’d have learned his lesson
That he keeps himself under control
That’s anger
It’s unpredictable
Sometimes uncontrollable
It’s there
But they’re careless
You become impatient
And a little more irritated
It needs to be taken care of
With a heart of a parent
But it gives a chance to grow
To look back at our mistakes
Give a little care

I am a book
Im not always accurate
But I have a story of my own
Many people walk in and out of my life
They may judge me by looks, personality, actions
No facts are told
They’re just characters that complete my endless story
I can be interpreted in many different ways
Which can affect each and every page of my life
But that makes all the difference
I’ll be on the shelves
On the best kind of wood
That would support
My theme and my message
Because every book has an author
She knows herself well
She writes what she loves

Holden Caulfield is from the edge
From neon light flash and city cars
He is from the busyness
He is from the dirty and messy
The extremes only
As if it has a border between

He is from the free minded
From a frozen time of innocence
He has an obscure and a darkened mind
That could almost hurt himself
He’s from the child-like enthusiasm and adult-like incisiveness
He’s from the heart of Phoebe’s
From her gentleness and pleasantness

He’s from a bar in the Lavender Room
From the unknowns
He’s unaccompanied
From the drinks and cocktails
Filled with his miseries and misunderstandings
From the stuck up world

Pencey Prep is still there
Giving him a hard time
During times of stress
Lingering around the building
He is stuck in those moments
Could not forget easily
Could not move away, pull away

I am from a land of swirling winds
From red soil and mountains
I am from the green under blue
How I left that place so fast
Just remembrance of things past
I rely on others’ memories

I’m from the game of Life
From the unexpected
I’m from the adventure
And the colorful cards of stories
From bills to careers
I’m from the variety of ideas
Making my own recipes
With a little bit of cheese

I’m from the New York Bagel
From toasty bagels and strong coffee
From the time of early morning
To the car of my uncle’s
That’s big and comfy

Behind the old rusty chair
Is a stadiometer
That’s broken and useless
How I wish I could grow taller
I’m from the memory
Still stuck in that time

(Oh Captain my captain has a separate post)

To the virgins, to make much of time

           I think the poet, Robert Herrick, is trying to say that people who are young are at their best age to enjoy their lives. It tells us how he thinks it’s important to use their time wisely and appropriately. He said that tomorrow will be dying and I think what he meant by that was that time passes quickly without actually realizing it. As it gets near, you’re actually close to living a bland life. Robert Herrick also says ‘You may for ever tarry’ which tells us that they would regret because they are losing their opportunity. I also think his word choice made it sound more interesting and more likely to be attention-grabbing.  

by Robert Herrick

Oh Me! Of Life!

           The poet sounds hopeful about his life. It’s something everyone can agree on because we all have problems or obstacles in our lives. But he’s asking what that one thing is that we are living for. He sounds confused and sad because life is not guaranteed. He’s saying that people around him and even himself are useless and foolish. However, I think it’s different from showing apathy because he’s actually not waiting for the answers. It sounds like he knows already, that people live because they exist. There is no special meaning but to accept what you are given to do. It seems like he’s saying life is unfair and everything is going wrong in his life. But this actually gives me courage to continue living my life, because I kind of feel like someone is with me.  

Quote(1) Show me the heart unfettered by foolish dreams and I’ll show you a happy man  by Tennyson

           I kept reading this over and over but I still think it makes no sense (to me at least). I don’t know what the metaphors are used for and what a happy man is supposed to represent. But I think it means that we should let go of what’s holding us back from our goals/ dreams. Then we will realize how our lives are so much better than before.

by Keating

           I think he wrong this quote for his students, or more specifically, Neil. He knows that they all have strict parents that have control over them (because the school itself gives stress to all). I think he also felt bad for them because he knew they couldn’t really go against their parents whatsoever. So I think this quote is like an advice to them who are suffering, and is written in hope to help them find their real dreams.

The Road Not Taken

           I think this poem is really inspiring because it gives people courage to take different paths that no one wants to take. People are always afraid to take first steps but it’s always that first time that is difficult. Once they try, they know that they won’t regret. There must be a reason why the other road is less traveled by but I think he wants to say that if we do, it would produce a good outcome, or consequence. I also think it’s a matter of choice. Every day, we face decisions and before we make a choice, we keep thinking about the consequences. But those are just predictions. It could lead us to the wrong path but we’re not following others’ path, which makes a difference in our lives. We all have different perceptions so we have the right to choose our own unique ways. 

Quote(3) (Right before The Prophet) –Thoreau

           I think what he wanted to say is that he wants to live a meaningful life when he can. He doesn’t want any boundaries but to live to the fullest. He sounds really hopeful about his life and seems like he feels like nothing can stop him. I like this quote because it makes me feel like I want to empty my brain and live freely. It also made me look back at my past and realize I was missing a few things, like things I should be grateful for.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream       

           I kind of knew it would one of his or other people’s quotes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. But I don’t really understand the first and the second line. It’s a lot confusing because I don’t know who he’s talking to and what his referring to. He said ‘gentles’ so he’s probably saying it to the audience though. If he is, I think he’s saying that if they had problems with his play (because a lot of his plays were offensive and kind of different that time?), they must forget and try to not feel offended. I kind of agree with it because I think people should start appreciating what others think and they’re the ones who bought the tickets to the show. I feel like this line/ quote is fun and reasonable.

The Prophet

           I think the poet is really passionate about love. He gives many examples how he knows everything about it. That tells me that he fell in love and he sounds so joyful. He’s comparing his feelings to everything and they way he describes it show us that he’s kind of desperate. I think it’s funny how he says things in a way that is sort of stupid but also agreeable. It tells us how much he likes being in love but he sounds worried that the person he loves might not love him back. 

Song of Myself – Walt Whitman

           I think the poem is literally about himself and what he think about the world around him. He doesn’t have a certain topic, instead, I feel like he keeps ranting about his surroundings. I also think he’s kind of tired of his ordinary life and it seems like he doesn’t understand. This could be a matter of perception. He doesn’t like the way the world is going; people who are always complaining and regretting. I think he wants a simple life where no explanations are needed. I kind of agree but it’s also sad how his beliefs could be appreciated by only a few people; that’s not reality.

Most men live lives of quiet desperation – Thoreau

           It’s confusing because this is probably from a story or a movie and it’s short. But I think it means that most men work, quietly and passively. They live a boring life, not causing troubles and not being greedy. What he meant by ‘desperation’ is that they want to change and do things they enjoy. It sounds depressing but I feel like it should change; no one would want to live like that. 

…Come my friends, …. –Tennyson

           I think this poem/quote is talking about courage and to start a better life. I don’t know what he wants but he seems like an honorable person. I think it’s because he talks in a way that is encouraging and he’s the one to lead everyone. I find it a little inspiring because it gives me that feeling of hope. But since I don’t know why and who it was for, I’m just confused. I think it’s hard to analyze a poem without knowing those kinds of things.

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s…. – Shakespeare

           I like Shakespeare’s way of using words; although it makes it sound more confusing, it has that sincere feeling. In this poem, all he’s doing is basically just comparing things to the one he loves. I also like his descriptive words that refer to what he’s comparing to, like the word temperate (a summer’s day). I feel like he has all those creative ideas of fun word choices, writing style, etc. I think that’s one of the reasons why he’s still remembered today.

She walks in beauty… -Byron

           It’s pretty short but I like its simplicity and direct meaning. It’s kind of confusing because I don’t know why he chose those words. But I think he's just describing romantic love in a short and easy way, like a note or a message. I don’t feel like it’s too interesting but I like how he describes his mind or feeling in such a good way. 

Squeezy Squeezy
fizzzzz fizzzz
dop dop dop dop dop dop dop
feeling a little bit more fresh
and it burns in my throat, going splash
I believe in the story of success
the continuous journey of dreaming
the repeating trial and error
the courage to face potential failure
the need of patience, skills, hope

But there will be days when i lose faith

I believe in the honesty of mind
I believe in my abilities
I believe in the days for opportunities, chances, celebration

And I believe in the bright future that lies ahead after all the hardships
I think what Mr.Keating was trying to say is to remember that all people have different perceptions. It's important to use that wisely. I think I can relate to this movie called Easy A. It's about a teenager who is always proud of herself and careless about her rumors. Like her, I started to think that what others think about me didn't matter; people who I think are important in my life are the ones who i should really care about. I felt bad when others didn't know me that well started spreading rumors about me, but when I changed my mindset, I realized that they didn't really affect me in any ways. Mr. Keating said "don't just consider what the author thinks, consider what you think". I tried to accept and embrace. Once I started doing that, things got much better. Also, I really think his idea of making his students stand up on their desks to show them how they can look at the classroom in a different way, was fun and unique. Who would ever have a chance of doing that? I think those kinds of unexpectedness make students be more open-minded. Everytime my teachers came up with different methods of teaching us, I always felt excited, no matter what it was about. Mr. Keating mentioned that our opinions and thoughts are important too and i think that makes me feel like i have less strss to deal with and feel more free, and more confident about what i think, even though I know it's wrong.
    I think The Dead Poets Society was a pretty good movie, showing us how poetry can help people see the world in different ways. And Mr. Keating, the new English teacher, influenced his students a lot, leading them differently. This made his students realize what’s more important in their lives, like being able to do things they want to. I like how he earned their respect by being friendly and honest. But it also made me feel sympathy for Mr. Keating because of how other teachers, parents, and students were against his teaching methods, beliefs, and ideas. It’s also sad how the society we’re in is still like that.  I think what Mr. Keating did was wise because he was once a student at Welton Academy so he has more experiences. He let them free most of the time, and gave them time to think in creative ways. I was able to relate to the movie, especially the relationship between Neil and his parents. My parents aren’t usually like that but I have a friend who has very strict parents. She also wants to be an actress but her parents want her to be a doctor. I never thought that those kinds of relationships could be stressful but now I kind of understand. But I don’t like how Neil dealt with his problems throughout the movie; I personally think he should’ve been more straightforward. I think Neil felt a little better because he took Mr. Keating’s advice.