I think what Mr.Keating was trying to say is to remember that all people have different perceptions. It's important to use that wisely. I think I can relate to this movie called Easy A. It's about a teenager who is always proud of herself and careless about her rumors. Like her, I started to think that what others think about me didn't matter; people who I think are important in my life are the ones who i should really care about. I felt bad when others didn't know me that well started spreading rumors about me, but when I changed my mindset, I realized that they didn't really affect me in any ways. Mr. Keating said "don't just consider what the author thinks, consider what you think". I tried to accept and embrace. Once I started doing that, things got much better. Also, I really think his idea of making his students stand up on their desks to show them how they can look at the classroom in a different way, was fun and unique. Who would ever have a chance of doing that? I think those kinds of unexpectedness make students be more open-minded. Everytime my teachers came up with different methods of teaching us, I always felt excited, no matter what it was about. Mr. Keating mentioned that our opinions and thoughts are important too and i think that makes me feel like i have less strss to deal with and feel more free, and more confident about what i think, even though I know it's wrong.

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