New Gate is a group of big buildings on islands or in faraway lands (some of them are in cities) attached to each other that form a big town. Prisoners are kept in different types of rooms, based on the seriousness of their crime act. They must carry out certain activities, and receive varieties of treatments. Government owns these buildings but they also run by private companies. It’s because prisoners are citizens and have human rights too. Prisoners work for the companies.(included in their punishment). 10% of the money the government use to create these prisons comes from taxes. Name of the prisons differs depending on the location (prisons are located in all countries).

In New Gate, prisoners must go through all learning processes or receive special medication after half of their serving time. They need to understand what they did wrong and why they’re in jail. Most prisoners in New Gates are treated like patients. However, their mental health conditions can’t be an excuse for their crimes. Medication education opportunities are available for these kinds of people. It’s a better system because we’re not getting rid of the whole concept of punishment but just focusing a little bit more on rehabilitation. In order to do that, we improved rehabilitation facilities. Also, we created those facilities in cities to reduce the cost but still maintain a high level of security. Separating them from society won’t do any good because once they get used to the new environment, that’s not a punishment anymore. 

    These buildings form a small town, including programs that can help prisoners return to communities. Prisoners are able to learn how to get along with other people. This is part of the rehabilitation program. Also, this concept can help prevent repeat offenders. But it doesn’t mean that they are allowed to live more freely. Most of the prisoners convicted of violent crimes are not allowed to communicate in any way. But if they pass all education courses and move to higher level prisons, they are able to do more things. So basically, if they improve and educate themselves, the government grants more rights and early releases.

             Juvenile prisons and prisons for adult women are kept separately. Juvenile prisons have more programs than any other systems and they are allowed to have more visitors. Teenagers in juvenile prisons can later become more dangerous criminals so it’s important to provide them with more education programs, activities, and medication.

             There are people who do not follow the rules. If they refuse to do all things the prison staffs suggest, they are going to be forced to do hard labor or community service for their entire lives. In serious cases, they might have to be kept in a small room where he or she can do almost nothing than to eat and sleep or completely cut off from the society.

             Creating a utopian prison is impossible; it’s a matter of perspective. I think the best way is to try to balance the rights of victims, offenders, and society.



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    February 2013